Oh Praise Him!–Pass It On

I turn to the David Crowder Band again, for my next Pass it On post. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite song and it is so fresh and just …I don’t know how to describe it. Its utterly beautiful and it fills you with such a great need to shout out and say Thank You Jesus. Thank you Father God! Its such a beautiful song. I pray that God will allow me to praise him every day, every time, no matter the hour, no matter how disobedient. God I pray that you shower my family, friends and I with your blessings father. The blessing of your presence and ignite a passion in us that is so fierce father. God please continue to reveal yourself to us, and help us to seek you with our all. Father god, Thank you, Amen.

Oh Praise Him by David Crowder Band

Turn your ear
To heaven and hear
The noise inside
The sound of angels’ awe
The sound of angels’ songs
And all this for a King
We could join and sing
All to Christ the King

How constant, how divine
This song of ours will rise
O, how constant, how divine
This love of ours will rise
Will rise

O praise Him
O praise him
He is Holy
He is Holy (yeah)

Turn your gaze
To heaven and raise
A joyous noise
The sound of salvation come
The sound of rescued ones
And all this for a King
Angels join to sing
All for Christ our King

Oh la, la, la, la, la, la

How infinite and sweet
This love so rescuing
O, how infinitely sweet
This great love that has redeemed
As one we sing

He is Holy
He is Holy (yeah)

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