It has been longer than a while since I have posted anything on here. I wanted to, but somehow I just could not. I don’t want to just post anything carelessly, so I was stuck in my head or looking at my screen most times.
     Yesterday was Easter Sunday and it was a blast. I spent my time at church and then hanging out over coffee with friends that I cherish dearly. We talked for about an hour, which is considerably less than usual, as we often do. I love hanging out with friends and feeling more than content.
     Even though I was content and happy, it was the other people in my life that was on my mind. Them a and something else the pastor said yesterday. He said that “people who have a real encounter with Jesus changes in their life. Im wondering how many

people are still waiting for that encounter, because we all need it. Because we need Him, Jesus Christ, our lord and savior.


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