His Words To My Heart

I can tell you that I am very thankful the lord found me, because it sure was not me who found him, walking that self-involved path that I was. I know that I may not feel like the closest person to him right now, but I think that my life shows that I am only standing up because of him. And no matter how down I am, I never forget that he is the reason I am breathing, and still here. I wish that I can show you guys the very core of my being, how and why I can honestly say that I love Jesus. He first loved me, and being able to give him this wayward heart of mine is such a blessing and a testament of his grace. He makes sense out of the Rambled Process that I consider my life, and life in general, to be.

He Delivers


Reading a devotional the other morning, it started with Psalms 77 verses 14-15, and ended with my heart. My heart, when it is not right with God, I don’t try to hide it. What’s the point? He knows all, and I want his correcting love. This devotional I read was from e-sword and from the Rylism section, the author I think is James C Ryle.

But Psalms 77:14-15 says “You are the God of great wonders! You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations. By your strong arm, you redeemed your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.”

God has done that! He has delivered his people, constantly, out of the troubled times, in both the old testament and new testament days. I think that some times we read the bible and forget that the words recorded there are not stories, but the lives of many. It’s so relevant because it shows us how times change, but the situation stays the same. There are no more words to be added to the bible, as the Lord wills it, but we are still in the New Testament days.  All this we are going through, God knows and he does all things that are good. Therefore, when we feel like breaking and giving up—hold on a bit, and call, cry shout, whisper the powerful name of Jesus, for he knows. He knows. And more awesome, he’s coming. He’s coming and bringing to us deliverance!!

Rylism ended his devotional with “So when the trouble comes, then know that Deliverance is also on the way. Rejoice my brothers and sisters — we serve the God who makes things happen!”

Don’t we Just! As I write this, I am saying Lord I know deliverance is coming, because I am your child and you love me. And he knows that I have been troubled, and he is not sitting still. I know he is not sitting still, for he knows I am in trouble and he is always calling us out of the darkness. I just want to let him know that I know now, and I am ready for these dark days to be behind me.

2 thoughts on “His Words To My Heart

  1. I will write back to everything you commented today – but wanted to know first if you read my post from yesterday called ‘Season of Crisis’? If not, please do. The fact is, I am CONSTANTLY praying, talking and sobbing to God about my situation, telling him everything I think and feel… I have to always remind myself to trust in His plan and somehow things will work out for the better, even if it is not what I thought would happen. Anyway, please read the post and tell me what you think.
    Sorry to comment here, but your lovely post was the first thing I saw in the feed!

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