Open Hands, Open Heart

One thing that my Pastor said that has always stuck with me, and plays in my head at random times is that “How can God give you anything, or take away anything if you don’t open up”.

And no he was not only talking about tithing, although tithing is very important. He’s talking about every aspect of our lives. We look for opportunity, we look for love, we look for everything but him, when he is the one that can GIVE and TAKE.

We know that God doesn’t only give the glittery stuff, sometimes he’s giving us trials—hardships, heartaches. This sounds unfair, or sadistic Smile and its definitely not my favorite thing, but its no doubt molding us as people, as humans.

My friend boldly declared at our church group ‘”Give me more trials, c’mon I can handle ‘em” and everyone stared at her with mouth agape, including her husband who finally said “Only you, I don’t want any”.

I was thinking, wow she is that confident? ‘Cuz heck, I think I failed all my trials. While I don’t know if I’m failing or passing, I know that I am gaining understanding. And one thing that I understand time after time is that when my hand and my heart is open, Jesus is working. They are open for his blessings, for his presence, and as his vessel to be used for others. And most of all, they are open for change, good and bad.

I am scared, but I am willing. Take the heartaches and the hardships and move closer to Jesus, not further. Whatever he puts in your life, let his will be done, and his glory be seen.

“It’s Hard, but it’s worth it. Keep on”—by whoever.


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