Books That should definitely be checked out:

Romance Lovers:


  • Honours Splendour -By Julie Garwood–Then pretty much, all her books, because she is AWESOME.
  • Defy Not The Heart -By Johanna Lindsey–which will def lead you to read more of her. She’s really good
  • Somthing Wonderful -By Judith McNaught–She has a great collection of others you’d def want to read


  • Smooth Talking Stranger By Lisa Kleypas–She’s Phenominal, and she has equally great historicals
  • Daring to Dream By Nora Roberts–She’s a great and fun writer. Her Trilogies are great and they have the rigth recipe that keeps your apetite whet for more.
  • Always In My Heart By Catherine Anderson–Great. She brings realistic elements in her work, and she knows how to use them.

Young Adult Readers:

Lauren Halse Anderson

  • Speak
  • Winter Girls
  • Prom…etc 

Meg Cabot

  •  Avalon High

J.D. Salinger

  • The Cathcher In The Rye

These are only some of  my favorites.


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