Pass It On: This is Amazing Grace


This Is Amazing Grace!

Oh How joyus life is, when your soul is where it should be—with the creator.   –by Me Smile

I can tell you right this moment that I did not wake up in a happy mood, in fact I am not happy right now. But the joy that I have inside is  completely in control.

I read my bible in a halfhearted attempt, bot even remembering to pray until after I started. But I always want to be honest with God (even though he knows what’s already going on) I still like to say it out loud to him.

After finishing, I kept hearing this song in my head, and so I sung it out loud. Knew I mixed up the lyrics so I went to search it up—saw that the singer of the song was an artist I just came to know. Galvanized, I went on Spotify and listened to it. Then I listened to the song that introduced me to the artist: This Is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham.

Guys, our God is amazing. He is love, He is joy, and we yearn for Him so much. He is what our soul is looking for, He is that missing link that we search so hard to find. You can’t be half hearted with Him, for we need Him in every way. Call it a crutch, call it whatever…but don’t let your pride, sorrow, addictions, or whatever burdened that you keep inside separate you from Him. Its not worth it.

He is our healer, our redeemer, our everything. Go to Him, and let Him love you and you love Him. Gosh I wish I can put my feelings and my experiences in my life into words, and show you how real he is, but I can’t. I wouldn’t do it justice. I just have Faith—and no its not easy all the time, but His love makes it bearable.

“This is amazing grace
This is unfailing love
That You would take my place
That You would bear my cross
You would lay down Your life
That I would be set free
Jesus, I sing for
All that You’ve done for me” —Phil Wickham

This song woke up the joy that was below all the melancholy that was starting to envelop me. Singing it just made all that deep seated joy break free. And I do have joy, because I know my King is real, that He loves me, and having faith in Him opens me up to His grace and hHs unfailing love. I pray that you will learn of this AMAZING GRACE and LIMITLESS LOVE that you have for free, and feel safe and warm in this unsure and cold world.

Lets Make A Deal Sir Jesus…

It came to my attention, while engrossed in a Bollywood romantic film, that when we approach Jesus our mentality is: “ok, do this for me and I promise you I’ll do this”.

Where do we come off thinking like this? I think we get the idea from our own human experiences, for at times this is how we have to deal with people, or so we believe. Compound this with our guilt at living life the way we want to instead of how we should, and here we have the root of why we feel the need to make  deals with Jesus. We, me included, can not fathom the undiluted, graceful love that he pours out on our undeserving  self.

None the less, we have it. We all have it, and there is no deal or promise that we can ever make with him to take all that we’ve done away. Which is why he said, as he hung on the cross bloodied and willingly and obediently suffering death for us; “It is finished”.

He did it, and  all we need to do is accept it. I can never promise God something in exchange of something I desire, for I know myself enough to know that failure is lurking in the corner waiting for the right moment. That sounds horrible, so let me reiterate: I get in my own way. I just want to take what he offers freely, and I want to share it with others. 
Some people can make promises to Jesus, by all means. But there is no need to barter, for all we need to do is accept and ask. He knows what’s best and does everything for our good.

Thank you Jesus, for listening to me and doing for me so much more than I could ever imagine.

Salvation is by GRACE alone, through Faith alone, in Christ alone. I desire this that you offer freely Jesus, even though I am often so selfish. It’s more than the guilt I harbor that speaks, but also the desire to be right with you. The desire to speak with you and share your light.

Open Hands, Open Heart

One thing that my Pastor said that has always stuck with me, and plays in my head at random times is that “How can God give you anything, or take away anything if you don’t open up”.

And no he was not only talking about tithing, although tithing is very important. He’s talking about every aspect of our lives. We look for opportunity, we look for love, we look for everything but him, when he is the one that can GIVE and TAKE.

We know that God doesn’t only give the glittery stuff, sometimes he’s giving us trials—hardships, heartaches. This sounds unfair, or sadistic Smile and its definitely not my favorite thing, but its no doubt molding us as people, as humans.

My friend boldly declared at our church group ‘”Give me more trials, c’mon I can handle ‘em” and everyone stared at her with mouth agape, including her husband who finally said “Only you, I don’t want any”.

I was thinking, wow she is that confident? ‘Cuz heck, I think I failed all my trials. While I don’t know if I’m failing or passing, I know that I am gaining understanding. And one thing that I understand time after time is that when my hand and my heart is open, Jesus is working. They are open for his blessings, for his presence, and as his vessel to be used for others. And most of all, they are open for change, good and bad.

I am scared, but I am willing. Take the heartaches and the hardships and move closer to Jesus, not further. Whatever he puts in your life, let his will be done, and his glory be seen.

“It’s Hard, but it’s worth it. Keep on”—by whoever.

Pass It ON: Strangely Dim


I have wanted to make a post about this song for a long while now, but for some reason I haven’t attempted until today. I heard this song many times on the radio and sung along with it, but it wasn’t until I was going to hang out, in order to shake this cooped up feeling that was hanging on me, that I really listened to this song. I was just singing along with the Christian radio when the lyrics made its way to my heart. That’s when I started crying, ruined make up and everything. But I felt so free, so absolutely blessed. Here I am, down on myself, running into trials here and there, wondering for the billionth time why God even wants to save me?

I sing this song when I can, just to remind myself that God loves me no matter what, even when he reprimands me. I am his, for he has declared it so, and I have taken the path of truth. I want tot share the lyrics because its so true. You focus on God, and everything grows strangely dim. We forget a lot of the time that God is mightier than our biggest troubles, he will deliver us. We just have to fix our eyes on all that he is.

I’ve got all these plans piled up sky high. A thousand dreams on hold and I don’t know why. I got a front row seat to the longest wait and I just can’t see past the things I pray today.
But when I fix my eyes on all that you are, then every doubt I feel deep in my heart grows strangely dim. All my worries fade and fall to the ground cause when I seek Your face and don’t look around
Any place I’m in grows strangely dim.

Sometimes where I stand on this narrow road is in a raging storm
Or a valley low but oh….
But when I fix my eyes on all that you are, then every doubt I feel deep in my heart grows strangely dim. All my worries fade and fall to the ground cause when I seek Your face and don’t look around
Any place I’m in grows strangely dim.
I don’t know, I don’t know what tomorrow may hold. But I know, but I know that You’re holding it all so no matter what may come
I’m gonna fix my eyes on all that You are ‘Til every doubt I feel deep in my heart grows strangely dim let all my worries fade and fall to the ground. I’m gonna seek your face and not look around ‘til the place I’m in grows strangely, strangely, strangely dim.
By Francesca Battistelli

I am going to fix my eyes on my Jesus. I wish you guys would fix your eyes on him, let him wrap you in his love. Its going to be hard, but its worth it. It’s difficult to let him lead for we get afraid of the physical, but I want to. He’s helping me to. Thank you Jesus.

Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, it is from

Conviction…It’s My Turn


It’s funny how conviction comes to a person, and how it comes when you are least prepared for it. Recently I have been experiencing conviction when correcting my niece. I try speaking to her softly in order for her to understand why it is that what she is doing is wrong, and why I am correcting her—because I love her and don’t want her to be hurt.

I noticed, while speaking to her, that the words I use to explain why I am correcting her correlates with what God says in the bible. And then it hits my heart, here I am correcting this child when I am being less than exemplary. Now I am sitting here and my sister is reading the bible to my nieces, and the words totally hit me. She is speaking about obedience (Deuteronomy), and how it helps you to live freely with favor here on earth, while you are waiting for all the goodness of heaven.  And there is a heaven.

It’s no secret that I have been going through struggles, and like everyone who experiences this; I don’t want to. The funny thing is that, and I’m not making excuses here, I keep remembering that it says in the bible that God is the potter and he is molding you, and as potters do to their creation, you will be put in the fire before you’re complete. 

I believe a hundred percent that God is working in me, but sometimes I think that I completely ignore this and do what I want. The stubbornness my heart expresses scares me so much, and sometimes leaves me speechless. Writing this now I am thinking I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. But then I just remembered what my pastor always teaches us: “Spiritual warfare is real. It’s a war that is constantly going on, and one that is taking place between your ears.”

How true these words are. Your head and your heart is that battlefield. We get distracted by what we like, what feels good, and stop focusing on where is God in all this. Once I felt this warfare: the spirit of Christ literally warring with this heart of mine. I told my friends about it, and what do I get? Their own stories that is basically the same. Sometimes it seems I understand, but then there are times like this when I am like “God deliver me fast, because I don’t want to be a disappointment.” But I can’t tell the master of this universe what to do, for his thoughts and ways are higher than mines, so here I am waiting and running this race of life. Ha how apt, human race. Paul knows his stuff.


His Words To My Heart

I can tell you that I am very thankful the lord found me, because it sure was not me who found him, walking that self-involved path that I was. I know that I may not feel like the closest person to him right now, but I think that my life shows that I am only standing up because of him. And no matter how down I am, I never forget that he is the reason I am breathing, and still here. I wish that I can show you guys the very core of my being, how and why I can honestly say that I love Jesus. He first loved me, and being able to give him this wayward heart of mine is such a blessing and a testament of his grace. He makes sense out of the Rambled Process that I consider my life, and life in general, to be.

He Delivers


Reading a devotional the other morning, it started with Psalms 77 verses 14-15, and ended with my heart. My heart, when it is not right with God, I don’t try to hide it. What’s the point? He knows all, and I want his correcting love. This devotional I read was from e-sword and from the Rylism section, the author I think is James C Ryle.

But Psalms 77:14-15 says “You are the God of great wonders! You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations. By your strong arm, you redeemed your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.”

God has done that! He has delivered his people, constantly, out of the troubled times, in both the old testament and new testament days. I think that some times we read the bible and forget that the words recorded there are not stories, but the lives of many. It’s so relevant because it shows us how times change, but the situation stays the same. There are no more words to be added to the bible, as the Lord wills it, but we are still in the New Testament days.  All this we are going through, God knows and he does all things that are good. Therefore, when we feel like breaking and giving up—hold on a bit, and call, cry shout, whisper the powerful name of Jesus, for he knows. He knows. And more awesome, he’s coming. He’s coming and bringing to us deliverance!!

Rylism ended his devotional with “So when the trouble comes, then know that Deliverance is also on the way. Rejoice my brothers and sisters — we serve the God who makes things happen!”

Don’t we Just! As I write this, I am saying Lord I know deliverance is coming, because I am your child and you love me. And he knows that I have been troubled, and he is not sitting still. I know he is not sitting still, for he knows I am in trouble and he is always calling us out of the darkness. I just want to let him know that I know now, and I am ready for these dark days to be behind me.