Pass It On: Our Fighting Words

The title, may seem a little agressive, but its not violent. We all go through some really hard times in our lives, really hard, and god is the only one who really knows what we’re going through. In these times, its easy to just give up…but we shan’t do that. We should keep fighting on. Dont let any problem bring us down at all.

I have been the wayward child, I have acted out. I have questioned sovereignty and had my share of doubts. And though sometimes my prayers feel like they’re bouncing off the sky. The hand I hold wont let me go, and is the reason why, I will stumble, I will fall down, but I will not be moved. I will make mistakes, I will face heartaches, but I will not be moved. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, I will not be moved.

“I will not be moved”—By Natalie Grant

This song reminds me of people who get disappointing news from doctors, jobs, or even the college you wanted to go to (difficulties life throws our way) and still they dont give up. They continue to depend on god, and trust in him. Or as the song implies “keep holding on to god’s hand”. I will strive to be this person who holds on to god and know that no matter what difficulties befall me, I will not be moved.

This song is so powerful, and the artist’s exceptional voice emphasizes the amazing words. I dedicaate this songs to parents who have lost, parents who are strugglng, people who have lost, people who are struggling. basically everyone who stumbles and fall. We all do that, so just get back up again and dont let these problems overcome you.