Pass It On: Our Fighting Words

The title, may seem a little agressive, but its not violent. We all go through some really hard times in our lives, really hard, and god is the only one who really knows what we’re going through. In these times, its easy to just give up…but we shan’t do that. We should keep fighting on. Dont let any problem bring us down at all.

I have been the wayward child, I have acted out. I have questioned sovereignty and had my share of doubts. And though sometimes my prayers feel like they’re bouncing off the sky. The hand I hold wont let me go, and is the reason why, I will stumble, I will fall down, but I will not be moved. I will make mistakes, I will face heartaches, but I will not be moved. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, I will not be moved.

“I will not be moved”—By Natalie Grant

This song reminds me of people who get disappointing news from doctors, jobs, or even the college you wanted to go to (difficulties life throws our way) and still they dont give up. They continue to depend on god, and trust in him. Or as the song implies “keep holding on to god’s hand”. I will strive to be this person who holds on to god and know that no matter what difficulties befall me, I will not be moved.

This song is so powerful, and the artist’s exceptional voice emphasizes the amazing words. I dedicaate this songs to parents who have lost, parents who are strugglng, people who have lost, people who are struggling. basically everyone who stumbles and fall. We all do that, so just get back up again and dont let these problems overcome you.

Pass It On: For The Hard Times

      We have a lot of hard times in life. Really hard times. Some that we can’t comprehend, and when that happens we (christians, Athiest, all of us!) tend to turn to god and ask him why. If not that, we pull away from god and blame him, and just give up. Well I dont have the answer for why things like that specifically happen, but I believe that it does happen for a reason. The bad times in our life that is just so completely bleak it’s hopeless.  The good times when we laugh and just feel content. They all happen to us for a reason.

      Theres an amazing singer named Heather Williams, and she wrote one of the most beautiful and precious song there is that just inspires us to go on even in the hardest of times. She wrote the song after she lost her infant son  to cardiomyopathy, a heart condition. The most beautiful part of this song is that she still held on. She still believed and put her trust in god.  Her story behind this song is just amazing . The words and her voice really reaches into the recesses of your heart.  Here are the lyrics:

Jesus, please come, please come today. Heal me, hear me, be near me I pray. I have fallen so far flat on my face i’m in need of your grace today. I stumble and fall, but inspite of it all your love always stays the same. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Jesus, please come, please come today. Break me, mold me, use me I pray. But dont give up on me now, I’m so close to you now, i’m in need of your grace today. Wipe the dirt off my face, hold me in your embrace. Your love always saves the day. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

On my knees here I fall in spite of it all. hallelujah. And thought it seems hard, I’m still trusting you lord Hallelujah. Hallelujah. I have fallen so far flat on my face, i’m in need of your grace today. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Jesus, please come please come today.

The message in this song is so beautiful and its such a wake up call for whomever needs it. It helps you to hold on.

Pass It On: Kind Words For You!

This is another attachment to my pass it on post. This post is for me and anyone else who happens across it. Anyone else who needs to hear the truth that we ignore, or think we’re not worthy of, especially in hard times. Especially when we have no one to turn to for a comforting word or two. Well You do have someone to turn to, and even  if you dont want to acknowledge him, he still wants you to know it, because his love has no limit, for you and everyone else. These words mean so much to me, and they helped me in a time when I was just really confused and felt that I had nothing and no one to really see me. No one I could really depend on.

“Day’s will come when you dont have the strength, when all you hear is your not worth anything. Wondering if you ever could be loved, and if they truly saw your heart they’d see too much. You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful. You are made for so much more than all of this. You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful. You are treasured, you are sacred, you are his. Your beautiful!”

These words still affect me everytime I hear it. It just shows me how much I am in loved, and that with such love from God, the person who created heaven and earth, me and you, why shouldn’t I see that I am beautiful, inside and out. That There is someone there for me to lean on. These are truly beautiful words, and if you want the full impact of it, click on the link to get to the song. It “Beautiful” By MercyMe.

Again, I’d like to dedicate this to a very good friend of mine. It’s about time you saw that you’re beautiful, and that you are so much more than what you think you are. You dont believe me when I say it, and you wont ever really believe it until YOU say it to yourself. Love You!

Everyone, Take these kind words and believe how truly great you are. I dont know if it let you see what I saw, but I hope you atleast know that You are beautiful. That God’s love is for you, always.  He helps when you ask him. And he’s a comfort for you to talk to.

Pass It On: A Kind Word or 2 For You

This may seem like fluff to some of you, but it truly means alot to me. I’ve decided to add this section for me and any other person who might come across it. Sometimes a kind word is all it takes to make a bad day turn into one thats good. It might also be that kind word that touches something in us, and helps us to pass it on.

“You are more than the sum of your past mistakes.”

All some of us need sometimes is a little encouragement, a little positive push. Because sometimes life gets so hard for us, that we fail to see what we truly are and how awesome we are. The Kind words that I  am sharing  today is from one of my favorite song “You are More” By Tenth Avenue North

I especially want to shout this out to a friend of mine, who I believe is so awesome and that god made her for so much more. Only if she would look and just believe in herself.

A kind word, Pass it on.