The Stages Of Sin

The progress of Sin. Key word: Progress.
It’s progressive, if we let it. There is a plan that Satan has, and when he infiltrates, through whatever way, it leads to death. Whether it’s partial death or complete death, its something that we do not want.

I don’t write these words because I am better than who reads this, nor am I giving breadcrumbs to the lowly. No! I write these words because I am living this. Yes as a believer of Christ, as a follower of Christ, a daughter through Christ, as someone who has been saved and baptized and know the truth—that the only way to life is Christ.

Sin is real, sin is consuming our world. I am not here to look down on the way you live your life, and judge you. I am here, as a fellow human who has been through a spiritual beating, who has been in the place you were or are, that the thing you desire is not of this world, but a close relationship with your Creator.

I am not trying to force my God down your throat, I am trying to let you see that there is only one God. And He has sent His son to save us, and just acknowledging his son and asking Him into our lives is the first and only step you have to take. The other is just holding on to your faith and remembering to give God your hand to hold day after day. It is so not easy, with all the distractions of life…and mostly with fallen angels planning our sinful demise day in and out.

One of the Pastor at my Church has shared the 7 stages of Sin, and I will like to share it with you:

Stage 1: Tempted with Evil Thoughts

Stage 2: Strong imagination

Stage 3: Lusting and delight and viewing of the temptation

Stage 4: Enticed by the weakening of the our Will

Stage 5: Yielding to it, sin conceived

Stage 6: Go forward with the sin

Stage 7: Partial and Complete death

Our hearts are prone to wonder. That is no excuse for us to indulge in sin. I have indulged in my lust, my selfishness, and every time I hate it. I dislike my self. I am ashamed in front of God. In front of my savior, my father. The man who calls me beloved. Does that make sense? To not want the one person who loves you so completely to look at your face? That is the worst form of betrayal.

I do know why though. I am constantly trying to do things on my own, to be right before I go to Jesus. The devil doesn’t even do work on his own—as Pastor Bob points out—So why am I attempting to?

Why am I going into a battle with no one but myself at the ready? With a heart which seeks selfish desires. The conclusion is the same no matter what your sin is: Repent. God is giving us time people. All sin is the same to God. And repenting will wash it away, and lead us to him.

He wants to forgive us. So repent, and ask for Jesus to come in.

Whatever you struggle with, I pray for you to have the strength to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come in and take over. In Jesus’ name I pray for me and you, brothers and sisters, Amen.